Combatting anti-semitism with education


A Holocaust Journey: Lessons We Learned (30 mins) is a documentary that presents a group of students and their professors who traveled to Germany and Poland with the aim of trying to comprehend the reality of the Holocaust.  Footage shot at the locations visited includes commentary by a Holocaust survivor, the students, their professors and knowledgable guides. The film is a meaningful record that captures the voices and perspectives of the students and it conveys this difficult history in an engaging manner.  


At this moment of rising anti-semitism, it's vital to confront implicit bias with education. 

Our documentary will be an innovative educational resource featuring interactive multimedia resources to teach the difficult history of the Holocaust across grade levels. The New Jersey Commission on Holocaust Education is working with the filmmakers to create a teacher's guide and interactive curriculum to complement the lessons of the film. This approach to learning will resonate with younger and diverse audiences who can observe the tragedy of the Holocaust through the eyes of the young participants. 

The on-line platform will offer educational materials to supplement the lessons of the film focusing on:

1) Factors that lead to the Holocaust

2) The planning of the Holocaust: T-4 and the Wannsee Conference

3) The formation and terrible conditions of the ghettos including Krakow and Warsaw

4) The testimony of a Holocaust survivor, the history of his family in Poland before the Nazi invasion, and the efforts of the Nazis to destroy the Jewish population in Europe

5) Concentration camps, extermination camps and their impact

6) Holocaust rescuers and the risks they took

7) Confronting genocide

Our Holocaust Journey to Germany & Poland, May 2016

Grunewald Station in Berlin, Day 2
Warsaw, Poland, Day 7
Auschwitz-Birkenau, Day 4