Education & Distribution Plans

Education can play a key role in preventing genocide by providing a forum to address past violence while promoting the knowledge and attitudes that can help prevent bullying and violence. 

A Holocaust Journey: Lessons from the Past film presents a group of students who traveled to Berlin/Poland with the aim of trying to comprehend the reality of the Holocaust.


Our half hour documentary will be an excellent resource for Holocaust educators as well as for middle school, high school and university students.  "A Holocaust Journey: Lessons from the Past" will also be a powerful resource for community groups in the study of the Holocaust.   

Our distribution plan includes targeted film festivals, education conferences,  and a wide circulation among universities, middle schools and high schools in America, Canada and Europe. The educational market will be the focus of our distribution after our film festival run.  Dr. Harriet Sepinwall who is on our advisory board is also on the Board of the New Jersey Holocaust Commission which mandates that each high school in New Jersey include Holocaust curriculum in its classrooms.  We will be working with the  Holocaust Commission to target schools in New Jersey that will most benefit from our film and study guide.   


Our film will be available to libraries throughout the United States and for public television viewing.